When it comes to the pastels there are two names that should pop into your mind – Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen. They started the entire pastel craze when they launched their latest collection that came with items of this color. Since then the whole world has gone crazy about the pastel nuances.


How to Wear Pastels in 2012

Usually people are used to blazers in dark on neutral colors, but this time there is a spin about these items. They appeared in pastel colors also, such as bright pink. This isn’t something that you would dress a Barbie doll with, but rather something that is a must for the wardrobe of every true fashionista.

Grass dress

Grass Dress

This dress is something like the maxi dress, but there is something more interesting about it. Maybe it is because of the ruffles and the details. In order to make sure that you don’t look like you escaped from an old movie consider the dresses that have a bright base and come with different patterns, such as floral patterns.


In our days it is a must for every woman to have a clutch, and so you should make sure to have one too. It looks like the most popular color is blue or turquoise, but you should go for the color that matches your outfit. Such a clutch has been offered by Yves Saint Laurent.


In case the grass dress is a bit too much for you, opt for a more conventional dress with a pastel color, like purple. One of the dresses of this kind has been created by Marc Jacobs that has as details three large buttons in the front.

Crew jacket

Pastels During 2012

Most probably you haven’t seen a jacket of this kind for a long time, and maybe this is why it had such a huge comeback. Believe it or not, now you can find it in a turquoise color that would match a clutch of the same color or a dress.


The new trend hit the world of the celebrities as well. There are some celebrities that have been spotted with pants in pastel colors, such as green. In case you don’t know what to match the pants with, think about black boots and a black jacket.


Just as you could be rocking pants in pastel colors, you could do the same with skirts. For example you could be thinking about a green skirt matched with a pink top. This is a suitable outfit for the women who are somewhat daring.


As summer comes women are looking for items that wouldn’t make them hot, but would make them look hot. If you would like to rock one of the hottest trends, you might want to consider a pair of pink shorts.

Stripped sweater

Knitted items could also come in pastel colors. The best option you have is to choose sweaters that are a bit transparent so it is possible to see through them. As an example you could have a pastel color sweater matched with a white top.

(photo by www.harpersbazaar.com)


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