If you have a wild side, you would like to explore you should make sure that you take a look at the ‘Call of the Wild’ collection offered by Free People.

The designs of this collection go back to the basics and they are inspired by the styles of free spirit. The main focus of the collection is on accessorizing and layering.

Fresh and casual glamor

Free People June 2012 Lookbook

This is because there is nothing more appealing than freshness and casualness achieved effortlessly.

If you manage to find a unique style, you will have more self-confidence and you will be more comfortable. In case you happen to like the bohemian styles, this is the perfect collection for you.

You should rid yourself of inhibitions and decide to get free. Gather up the courage to mix and match different items so that you will have an outfit that truly characterizes you.


The most specific features of an outfit include fringes, color and accessories. We all know that God is in details and this is why you should start focusing on them and working with them.

This way you can achieve a statement outfit. The fashion scene has been greatly influenced by the bohemian chic style because it comes with freshness and joy. This is why the style attracts attention just like a magnet.

Dare and wear challenge

Free People June 2012 Lookbook

We have to admit that the outfits of this collection aren’t suitable for everybody. In order to be able to pull them off, women must be laid back and they also have to be seductive, not to mention that they need a high level of confidence. There are printed cotton items and also knitted pieces. It is important to add that all the items are unique.

The mixing, layering and matching make the women wearing the outfits truly stand out in a crowd. Make sure that you give the baggy pants, knitted sweaters, short shorts, vaporous dresses, oversized cardigans, feathers, fringes, colored prints and tight fitted pants a shot.

Native air

The accessories of the collection have been inspired by the American-Indian style. These make the outfits a whole and they make them look special without going overboard with extravagance.

If you feel like this is the right style for you make sure that you take a look at the lookbook. Certainly you will find some items that you like and that you will feel like you can’t live without. Take the opportunities of mixing and matching that the collection offers.

(photo credit:  www.fashion-style.becomegorgeous.com)



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