Remember all the swimsuits that made plus sized women look like grandma? Forget about those styles and look for the new ones that the designers came up with.

Their advantage is that they draw the attention away from the problem areas and they focus on the areas that are more advantageous.

Choosing Plus Size Swimwear


This is the right choice for you is you have a pear shaped silhouette or if you have big thighs, legs or rear end. The good thing about the skirtini is that you can match it with different tankinis.

For instance, if you have a black one you can match it with top of just any color. The skirtini hides the legs and thighs and people will be more focused on your upper body.

Apple shaped women

If you have bigger shoulders or chest or you have a large stomach, you should opt for a swim dress. This is because it offers coverage for the women with larger busts and it draws the attention downwards. This is the perfect option for the women who have smaller thighs and legs.

Halter top

There are some women who wish they had a smaller chest. If this is your case then you should think about halter-tops. This is because they make the upper body look slimmer. They come in numerous trendy colors and designs. You can match it with just any item that you wear below the waist.

Tummy control panel

In order to make the abdomen look flat you could wear a tummy control panel under your swimsuit. This is the right choice for the women who would like to wear a one piece and they believe that the only unappealing body part that they have is their tummy.


There are some styles that are known to be more advantageous for plus size women. These include tankinis, shortinies and the one-piece swimsuits. The tankini is made of a tank top and a normal bikini bottom. The skirtini is a piece of fabric that is attached to the swimsuit and that looks like a short skirt.

The shortini is something like the tankini but instead of the bikini bottoms that come with shorts. These styles are advantageous for plus size women because they offer some level of coverage and they make women look slimmer than they really are. Make sure that you give them a shot and you won’t be sorry.


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