Most of us are guilty of a bad habit or two when it comes to our daily beauty regime – perhaps you have a tendency to fall sleep in your make up or neglect to clean your makeup brushes. Your beauty routine probably takes up enough time as it is – but don’t worry, there are some ways to improve your less-than-favourable habits without taking up too much extra time.


You don’t need to use your hair straighteners  every morning and evening – it’s unlikely that they’ll be causing too much damage to your hair, but why not try having one morning off a week and seeing if it makes a difference? Before hitting the pillow, separate your hair into sections, twist it and secure with hairclips.

Not only will you be giving your hair a day off from heat, but it will give you a new look – without having to wake up an hour early.

Hair StraightenersFor the mornings that you do use your hair straighteners – ensure that they’re good quality – such as Babyliss, to get your hair poker straight in no time at all.

Tying your hair up is the easy option in a morning. It can, however, lead to split ends and irreversible damage if you use hair bobbles that have metal parts.

There are many ways that you can save time on styling your hair in a morning by switching to bobbles without metal bits or swapping to hairclips.


 For some of us, applying makeup every day takes a concerted effort. We all have different preferences, but for those who like to wear foundation, you’ve probably wondered about its effects on your skin.

Apart from being mindful of the quality of products you choose to wear – there is little else that you can do to protect your pores.  The good news, however, is that makeup isn’t going to damage your skin.

Still, it’s not doing it many favours, either. Try applying your make up just before you leave the house, and take it off as soon as you return – this will give your pores a little more time to breathe during the day. Similarly, if your bad beauty habit is resorting to the ease of a makeup wipe that’s saturated in chemicals, there are some skin-friendly alternatives that won’t take much extra time.

Olive oil, for instance, can be used to remove makeup as well as soothe dry skin. Also, both milk and baby oil are two other substances that are recommended for makeup removal – they’re completely natural and still effective.

Another thing you should try to keep away from your face is your mobile phone. They are a breeding ground for bacteria – which, coupled with heat, means bad news for your complexion. Aim to keep your phone away from your face as much as possible – by investing in a headset, texting, video messaging or saving the conversation until you can talk face to face.


When it comes to beauty maintenance, slaving away on a treadmill after work is not the most exciting way to spend an evening. The good news, and something that we can sometimes overlook, is that anything that increases your heart rate is good for you and your body – this includes shopping, just make sure you power walk between shops!

If a sweet tooth is your downfall and it’s slowly starting to manifest itself in your appearance – fear not. In moderation, dark chocolate is continuously in the news with its health benefits – and after a few attempts, the taste will eventually grow on you.

A lot of the shortcuts we take in life, not just with our skin and hair, are taken to save time. But the more we slack on makeup removal, for instance, the longer we’ll have to dedicate to covering up blemishes the next morning.  By choosing one or two healthier options to replace are less-than-healthy habits, you will save time in the long run.


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