There are many different situations that we have seen Katy Perry in, such as cheerful, stylish, bubbly, and even eccentric, but we have never seen her sporty.

There is always a beginning, right? Her style was changed by the latest Adidas commercial in which we can see her being really sporty.

Katy Perry - New Face of Adidas

Why is this advantageous?

If you are looking for some motivation to start working out or going on with your routine, maybe it will be enough to see the star in a pink suit. If you want even more motivation, you should really focus on the toned mid-section of the singer.

Thinking globally

She is not the only one taking part in the new campaign along with her we can see Caroline Wozniacki, Sneakerqueen, Li BingBing, DJ Baby G, Wei Qiuyue and the Staatsballet Berline. The main point of this campaign is to show the world the fun side of working out. With the right people, the goal becomes a lot easier to reach, right?

Naturally the leading personality of the campaign is Katy Perry. The name of the new campaign is ‘Adidas is All In’ and this also features the ‘We all run’ slogan.

Hard work

In order to make your workouts easier the brand offers you tracksuit pants, blue and pink jacket, blue and pink sports bra and orange tee. This way you can stay chic even when you are sweating. With the help of the new items staying feminine, working out will become possible simultaneously. In order to make sure that women really get this message, the company chose to bring more than one example.

Although the campaign comes with a lot of people who are professional sportsmen, the main character is still the songstress who knows how to have a healthy and fit life.

Media exposure

You may be asking why the company bothers to bring such people into its campaign. The answer is simple: it is seeking more media exposure, this being a measure to ensure that the profits will rise even during the economic crisis that we are facing at the moment.

Since there are several stars presented, it is more likely that people will watch the advertisements and they will be tempted to buy the products of the brand. You don’t necessarily have to see this as a bad thing: maybe this is what you need to be inspired to have a healthier lifestyle.


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