While the majority of the women are preparing for the Cannes Film Festival, Karl Lagerfeld showed the world that he is always one-step ahead. He came up with a new collection that was inspired by the baroque style. The collection was presented at the Versailles Palace in the presence of numerous celebrities of the world.

New Chanel Collection

Spectacular setting

According to Vanessa Paradis, this was the perfect setting for the presentation of the Chanel collection. She admired all the models presenting the clothes with tulle sleeves inspired by the 18th century.

Classic vs. modern

We also have to note that there were some modern touches that broke the nostalgic feel of the collection. These included the gold platform sneakers that added an eclectic feel to the show. Because of the elements of this kind, we can say that this was one of the funkiest Chanel shows ever. We have to admit that the target group of this collection is quite limited.

The designer targeted the wealthy women of the world who are thinking about traveling on cruise ships during the winter. Gossips say that the shows of this kind are seen as a kind of motivation in the middle of the season. They are meant to keep the industry alive in really bad economic conditions.

New Channel Collection

The show

The show was opened by Cara Delavigne. She wore a velvety blue denim dress with an A line skirt. However, the rest of the show felt something like the answer of the designer to a baroque history lesson. The models had beauty spots, and presented bottom-heavy skirts and also floral chokers. The whole show had a feeling that took the spectators back to the days of Marie Antoinette. Naturally, the wigs couldn’t miss either and the hair bows were also present.

Bottom line and shocking combinations

We all know that the designer is a workaholic but this collection showed that he studied all the references that he could. There was one outfit that stood out from the collection. A skirt suit that was double breasted, having gold rose embroideries and a shawl collar. This look was mixed with a short tennis skirt and platforms. The widths of the shoulders and of the skirt were the same, offering a really extravagant end result.

Although this dress stood out in a way, it was also melted in into the unity of the entire collection. Overall, we can say that this is something that only Karl Lagerfeld can come up with.

(photo credit: www.vogue.co.uk)


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