One of the major trends of the season is the influence of the 20’s. For sure you have seen movies or photos from that period and you know what it really means – regarding fashion of course. Although you may think that you can pull off just any clothing, keep in mind that this is also influenced by your age.

Being in your 20s

The flapper dresses hit the runways during this season and this may be the perfect piece of clothing for the girls in their 20s without having a vintage vibe that is too strong. The low waist dresses have been presented in numerous modern and unusual materials, including sequins and plastics. The trend offers you a lot of opportunities for combination. For instance you could try a tomboy mixed with a sweatshirt in pastel mint, or a cloche hat and a pencil skirt.

Roaring 20’s TrendBeing in your 30s

You don’t necessarily have to wear the clothes that have been worn back then, but consider the tees with beaded details inspired by art deco, a jacket or a vest and also you could ditch the full flapper dresses.

To create a modern version of the era go for silk vests or dresses and as accessories choose the ones that come with feathers.

If you would like to have the modern and vintage look in the same time, you could opt for jeans as well. When looking for a relaxed feel, try a pair of silk pants with the style of pajamas that were more than popular in the jazz era.

Being in your 40s

The 20’s weren’t all about parties and glamour, but also about sports. This is the element that could help you adopt the style. So it doesn’t matter whether you are inspired by the trends of 2012 or the trends of the 20’s as long as you are wearing a summer suit.


There are some elements that any woman could have, regardless her age. These include the feather accessories and fringing. It is easy to bring back the vibe of the 20’s with their help. You could have the flapper or column dresses that are covered by feathers, such as the ones offered by Marchesa or Oscar de la Renta.

There are a lot of different bags that also come with feathers, but in case this is a bit too much for you, you may like the feathered headbands that you could find in just any store.

Flapper dresses

It is said that Kate Moss has been the one to start the trend back in 2008 and it has survived since then. For a long time we have seen the revival of different fashion eras and it looks like the fashion designers thought the time of the 20’s has come.

The main point of the dresses is to be loose fitting and to come with eye-catching details. The truth is that the 20’s didn’t manage to come back as a trend, but certain elements have become more than popular.


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