Let’s face it: the sweatpants aren’t considered to be the most fashionable item of a woman’s wardrobe, but there are still some ways to make the item look chic (or at least acceptable). All there is need for is a bit of creativity and some boldness.

Going old school

The biggest advantage of the sweatpants is that they are comfortable and maybe this is why they are gaining some popularity. Nonetheless in case you would like to wear them in public, there are some rules to follow. You may want to add a striped cardigan, Chuck Taylors in a matching color and don’t forget a comfy T-shirt either. With this outfit, you could go from the country club to a casual lunch date without any problems.

Cozy outfit

If you would like to wear sweatpants you should have a fitted top in a bright color, dark sweats and also don’t forget about a matching wool hat. In this case there is no need for elaborate accessories, but a simple shoulder bag, preferably made of leather and you are good to go on your trip to the countryside.

Let your granny inspire you

Fashionable Sweatpants

For a retro look you could try wearing a large sweater with neutral colors, like black, gray and white. It is important for the sweater to look breezy. Then just add the sweats and you could also use a pair of oxfords. As accessories, you should have a simple leather bag. In the end, you will have a chic look that you could’ve never imagined.

Being sophisticated

When women would like to feel chic and relaxed in the same time, it may be a good idea to go for gray sweats, a bright colored T-shirt with a wide neck, a blazer to keep you warm and a pair of structured boots. The look is just screaming for some stylish accessories, like a shoulder bag to keep everything together.

Deceptively chic

It is possible to dress sweats up. As an example, you could be wearing a pair of black sweats, a tight black T-shirt matched with a statement necklace and also don’t forget about a pair of colorful pumps. The advantage of the look is that you feel comfortable but you still look like you came right from the runways.

Snow bunny

To fight the cold you may want to wear the sweatpants over a pair of tights. Then add a cute sweater with some pattern, a pair of sleek boots, oversized gloves and don’t forget to top all this with a cute hat. This way you can achieve a style that is cool and warm in the same time.

Dainty details

For the women who would like to achieve a vintage look it is important to add to the outfit a pair of lace up boots, a velvet blazer and some delicate chains. To make the best of the look you should also throw in a velvet cloche. This is the ultimate vintage look you can achieve with sweatpants.

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