There are millions of people wearing skinny jeans in the U. S. including the majority of the celebrities. However the specialists say that this trend is suitable only for the skinny people.

This isn’t entire true because plus size ladies jeans can also look great if they are worn the way they are meant to.

Plus Size Jeans

Color and wash

Color and wash is the key to make sure that skinny jeans look good on plus size ladies. These pieces of clothing come in many different colors, ranging from white to black. The women with bigger thighs and legs should go for the darker colors, such as black and dark blue. Those women who have skinnier legs but are larger at the top could opt for lighter colors.

This is a good idea because the lighter jeans can be matched with darker tops, concealing the flaws of your upper body and achieving a balanced look.

Fashion has always been about hiding the flaws of people and enhancing their best features. The wash of the jeans is also important. If you have wide thighs and legs you should go for the rinse wash.

High heels

In case of the bigger women it is important to remember that high heels are a must. It is even better if you choose stilettos. The wide thighs and legs can create the impression of short legs. If you wear stilettos you can create the illusion of longer legs and achieve a slimmer overall appearance.


It’s not only the jeans that are important, but also the tops. If you would like to wear skinny jeans, you should opt for tops that have a bit of volume. In case you have larger arms, you should look for tops with long sleeves that are loose to hide the arms.

Another must that you have to think about is to find tops that cover the hips and the belly area. This is because the skinny jeans draw the attention to the hips, and this area should be hidden.

The whole package

Besides the jeans, tops and shoes you should also think about the most important accessory you have: your hair. To achieve a slimmer overall appearance you should have a bob hairstyle. Find the style that is the most suitable for you. Ask your hairstylist to help you with this so you can make the best of your look.


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