When it comes to street wear, there is a lot we could learn from the celebrities, so we should make sure to take a look at the outfits they are rocking this season. While some of them opt for following all the major trends, others opt for creating the trends for themselves.

Celebrity Street Wear(photo credit: www.ivillage.com)

Olivia Palermo

We haven’t seen wide-leg trousers for a while, but the celebrity seems to think that it may be the time they came back in fashion. In case you would like to have the same style, find a pair of trousers of this style in beige or nude color, match it with a nice cardigan and in the end add a pair of feminine peep-toes.

Louise Roe

It looks like this celebrity made her homework regarding the latest trends, since she has been rocking two of them – bright colors and jumpsuit. If you would like to rock a similar style, complete the look with a pair of flat sandals and opt for a simple, neutral colored cardigan.

Heather Locklear

She opted for a retro look, bringing back the vibe of the 70’s. To achieve the best effects she wore a pair of bell-bottoms. The best thing about the look is that it is a fun look and you could wear it in your everyday life. In the same time, it is comfortable and effortless.

Alexa Chung

The celebrity is most known for the fact that she is always walking on the line of trendy and grandmotherly. It looks like she has the gift of seeing the potential of the clothes that most of us wouldn’t wear. If you would like to learn from her, consider a long polka dress with an A-line skirt.

Taylor Swift

The singer looks like she is the master of the bohemian look this season. She often opts for layering. This time she has been wearing a dress with a floral print with an oversized crocheted sweater. You could also copy the look and you could make the sweater on your own. This is a great piece for the transition period.

Blake Lively

The actress is known to have an elegant and feminine style and she often opts for lace. She has been spotted in a white lacy dress paired with a white cardigan and nude booties. This spring there is a huge neutral trend that you could also try through wearing shoes, bags or accessories of this color.

Katie Holmes

If you have been wondering what an actress could do to make her look pulled together, here is the answer – wear shoes with polka dots. It is possible that you would like to wear shoes of this kind and if this is the case you should make sure to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Just wear a T-shirt and a pair of pants, nothing fancy.

Khloe Kardashian

Have you ever thought that you will see a celebrity with high-waisted harem pants made of satin in royal blue? If you can’t imagine this, take a look at the outfit of Khloe Kardashian.


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