The Cannes Film Festival is all about the films and… fashion. We all know that this is one of the occasions on which the celebrities show off their sexiest and their most fashionable attires created by the most well known designers of the world.

No wonder that there are more people talking about them than about the films themselves.

Women to know

Cannes Festival Glamour

The majority of the film world took part at the festival, but there were a lot more celebrities, not only actresses and actors. For instance we could have seen Kylie Minogue in a fabulous Emilio Pucci dress.

Although the color of the dress wasn’t the flashiest, it looked amazing with her skin and hair color.

The singer was seen on more occasions. On another occasion she wore a long black dress that in some spots was see-through. She had a belt on her waist, enhancing her silhouette and we have to admit that she truly sparkled with this outfit. Just as the first dress, this was also created by Emilio Pucci.

White and lace

Cannes Festival Glamour

We also have to mention Kirsten Dunst who decided to follow the trend and she wore a white dress with lace on it, created by Dolce & Gabbana. Diane Kruger was also present at the festival and she really managed to show off her feminine side through a long white dress.

Cannes Festival Glamour

Just like Kirsten Dunst she also made sure that there was some lace on her dress, offered by Nina Ricci.

Diane attended another event as well and in this case she opted for a Jason Wu dress in blue and black colors.

Diva look

Naomi Watts attended the premiere of Madagascar 3 and she looked more than classy with her beige dress that came with really interesting details. This dress was created by Marchesa and in order to look even more feminine she went for the classic pearls.

Cannes Festival Glamour

Salma Hayek also attended the premiere and she managed to amaze people with her Gucci dress. This had a really special violet color and it came with a really provocative cleavage. The bodice of the dress looked like it was made of velvet, but the trace was made of a more special material.

It looks like Jessica Chastain was also interested in Madagascar 3 and she opted for a simpler dress. The Armani dress was made of black fabric and she accessorized it with a black clutch, black shoes and golden cuffs.

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