More people than ever are choosing to create their wedding hairstyles (Hair Care Beauty) at home rather than take a trip to the hairdressers with their bridesmaids.

Whatever the reason is behind this brides-to-be are coming up with impressive hairstyles in front of their bedroom mirrors that get as many gasps as their dresses do, and they are demanding the quality of salon products to help them do so.

GHD Hair StraightenersThere are a number of brands on the market at the moment that all claim to be salon products, but can you trust their staying power on your big day?

Of course every bride-to-be will thoroughly test each hairstyle and salon products before her day just to be sure it is the right hairstyle for her, but until you are in that moment you won’t know if the hairstyle will hold or not.

For many brides-to-be there are a number of tools in their wedding kits to help them create that beautiful wedding hairstyle – not only do they have the salon products but they also have the salon tools, as well as a similar number of hairgrips! If you want salon quality tools then there is only one brand to go for: ghd.

Ghd has been a household name for a number of years and has been helping women to create amazing hairdos for a number of special occasions. It is no wonder that ghd is the one brand brides-to-be reach for when trying to recreate salon style hair at home.

Not only does ghd provide the tools such as hair straighteners, curling tongs and now a ghd hairdryer that every blushing bride needs to look beautiful on her wedding day, but they also provide quality salon products to help protect your hair throughout the day. This means you are not left with messy tangles and a night of trying to sort those out!


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