It seems like this season is all about the unexpected trends. The catwalks neon dresses and Paisley patterns colored the catwalks and now the braided items appear to make the summer even more glamorous. The truth is that they aren’t really new because we already saw them the seasons before.

Nonetheless, while in the past their use was limited to beachwear, this year the designers came up with something new. They turned the braided bags and shoes into really versatile items that women could wear just anywhere. This way the items get a classy vibe.

New style notes

Braided Bags and Shoes

One of the most interesting items that you can find on the market is the badge bag that comes with wooden handles and brown details. The best thing about it is that it is perfect for both smart and casual outfits.

The patterns and the looks vary a lot. For instance there are the small braids that were used by Diane Von Furstenberg. The same style was used by Burberry Prorsum. In this case the emphasis is on the deep details and not on the looks. With the help of this new trend, Dolce & Gabbana also managed to create a smart collection, classier than ever before.

Eclectic bags

The good news for fashionistas is that there are many different styles available when it comes to bags. You can find totes, larger suitcases, clutches and handbags. Naturally there is also a wide variety of colors that you may like.

Shoes to make the difference

Braided Bags and Shoes

This season isn’t only about the bags; there are also the shoes that we have to think about. Although people think that braids have nothing feminine about them, they can look really sexy. The truth is that the braided items don’t come in very large sizes but they still manage to grab the attention of the people around you.

Shoes of this kind can be found in the collections of Tory Burch and Alexander McQueen. If this is a trend that you like just imagine the amazing outfit that you could create by wearing braided shoes with a matching braided bag or clutch.

Color splash and interesting fabrics

The best thing about these items is that they come in every color imaginable so you won’t have problem with matching them with your dress. Also there are lots of different materials to choose from not to mention the designs. The women who don’t like the classic braids could opt for the items made of braided leather.


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