One of the major trends this summer is to have asymmetrical hemlines. Various designers, celebrities, fashion bloggers and fashionistas have already adopted this new style.

Although in the majority of the cases women use the style in their everyday life, it is interesting to see how the designers see the trend.


Hemlines for Summer 2012

The dress that this fashion house came up with combines three of the major trends of this season: lace, asymmetrical hemline and the white color. If you are looking for a dress to wear this summer, this is a great choice because it has everything that a true fashionista could possibly wish for.

Jo No Fui

Hemlines for Summer 2012

On the other hand this fashion house opted for a more sophisticated and elegant approach. The designers came up with an emerald colored dress. In order to make the best of the dress you should combine it with a bright green blazer. For sure there will be heads turning after you.

Emilio Pucci

Hemlines for Summer 2012

If you have a darker side, this is the dress to go for. It isn’t a classic Goth style that you may think of. Instead it is really sexy and sophisticated. The women who have nice legs could really wear it on the red carpet. This is because it draws the attention to the most advantageous features of women.


Hemlines for Summer 2012

The fashion house opted for a more relaxed version of the asymmetrical hemline. In this case, the dress comes in a hot red color and the main point of it is to attract the attention on the wearer of the dress. It looks simply amazing with a pair of red shoes and a large red hat.

Alexander McQueen

Hemlines for Summer 2012

We have to admit that this brand might have created the most elaborate one of all the dresses with asymmetrical hemline. In the same time, this is also the most extravagant. Nonetheless we also have to add that it may not work for any occasion that people have to attend. Still it looks amazing on the catwalk.

Mary Karantzou

Hemlines for Summer 2012

She is known as the queen of prints. No wonder, she can make the simplest dress stand out in the crowd, and this is what she did with her dress with asymmetrical hemline. Just as in the previous case, the dress looks great on the catwalk but it is difficult to imagine a woman wearing it in the real world.

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