If you wish to hit the beach in style, you should make sure that you have at least one swimsuit by Aguaclara.

We have to admit that the brand has an impeccable reputation on the market and no wonder each year it manages to come up with designs that amaze people and make women buy the pieces.

New Swimwear Flavor

Animal prints

Following the major fashion trend, the brand offers swimwear with animal prints, such as python print. It’s not only the print that is important, but also the elaborate style of the swimsuit. The combination of brown and turquoise hues looks simply amazing especially in case of women who don’t have a very fair skin.

Elaborate designs

While some of the swimsuits have several straps, others have a more minimalistic look. For instance, those that don’t have straps, but only one strap that goes behind the neck. It looks like this season the main color of the swimsuits is brown and turquoise because this is the combination that we can see the most often.

One piece

Besides the traditional two-piece swimwear, we can also find the one-piece items. Although some people think that these aren’t really sexy we have to say that they are more than hot. They also have the advantage of being able to hide some of the flaws that women may have, especially in the stomach area.


The monochromatic swimsuits couldn’t miss from the collection either, so it is no surprise that we can find some black pieces. There is one that is more than special. It comes with only one strap over the left shoulder. It looks like it is made of a special material, such as satin. The bottom part is also really interesting because the fabric looks like it was twisted in some way to offer the coverage that women need.

A similar design can be seen in another case as well. The color and the material seem to be the same, as well as the bottom part. The upper part on the other hand has a strap that goes behind the neck. This time we can see triangle shapes that most probably are more appealing for the majority of women.

As you can see, there is a great variety when it comes to swimsuits and so you can be sure that you will find one that you like and that is suitable for you.


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