Since summer is getting nearer and nearer, we all have to think about our new outfits for the hot season. The good thing this year is that there are a lot of different styles to choose from and we all can find some items that we like which may suit us perfectly.


2012 Beach Wear

One of the ideas that you might like is to get inspired by wetsuits: wear separates that come in acid hues and really focus on the accessories. One of the outfits that you may like consists of a yellow leather jacket, green spandex and nylon bra top and shorts. As accessories, add a silver shark tooth necklace, Lucite earrings and a beaded blue knot bracelet.

Tropical print

2012 Beach Wear

In this season, the majority of the designers adopted this eclectic pattern. One of the designers that did was Donatello Versace. She joined creativity with H&M which resulted in a really popular collection that came with palm tree printed leggings. The only question that remains is whether you have what it takes to pull off an item like this.

White dress

2012 Beach Wear

If you don’t really like bright colors, you may still be impressed by the white dresses that the summer has to offer. The main point for them is to have clean lines that too look effortlessly chic. This is the best way to achieve an elegant look on the hot summer days. Make sure that you also wear peep-toe sandals and also a cropped jacket.

Straw bag

2012 Beach Wear

This is one of the must have items of the season. With its help, you can achieve a feminine look without any effort and this is the perfect piece to make a transition between spring and summer. The best thing about it is that you can wear it to almost everywhere, including the farmer’s market or a shopping spree.

Clear shoes

2012 Beach Wear

If you are looking for something intriguing, this is the kind of shoe you should think of. The majority of the designers encourage the fashionistas of the world to opt for clear shoes. One of the shoes that you might like comes with a vinyl upper part with cuts on the side. The catch is that it creates the illusion that there is no upper side at all.

Palazzo pants

2012 Beach Wear

During this season the wider the pants are, the better. These wide pants are inspired by the boho chic look and are both sexy and glamorous.

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