Sometimes you get the urge to make a change in your life and one of the most satisfying ways to alter how you feel when you walk down the street is to make a style change in your physical appearance. While this may seem obvious, many times people get confused about style changes and go overboard, completely transforming their look and confusing themselves and others.

Here are a few of the best ways to subtly alter your style:

Get some jewelry

Especially for guys, the subtle addition of a piece of jewelry can totally change your physical appearance, and for the better. Necklaces or rings for men are great choices, as well as bracelets or even a piercing.

RingsChange your color scheme

Color has a much bigger effect on your fashion choices than you think. If you normally dress in all black, for instance, the addition of even some dark grays or darker primary colors can add some verve to your ensemble. Don’t be Johnny Cash, bring some color to the equation!

Shoes! Shoes round out the body

They are on the polar opposite side of the face, which is of course the first thing we notice about someone. Shoes are next. If you’ve never given much care to your footwear, this may be the time to finally invest in some good kicks… some Oxfords, Toms, or maybe even some dress shoes. Just try something new!

Try going without makeup

This one may sound a little crazy for some people who feel they can’t live without makeup. But the fact of the matter is some people actually look better without it. And you won’t know if you’re one of these people unless you try. So give it a shot – go sans makeup for a day and see how you feel. More importantly, see how you look.

A style change doesn’t have to be drastic; subtly altering your fashion ensembles can bring out new dimensions of your physical appearance. It may behoove you to enlist the help of a close friend or confidante, who can give you honest opinions about what’s working and what’s not.


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