For several seasons now, the vintage style of Mad Men has reigned supreme for both men and women looking for a little more zesty class to add to their wardrobes. However, the upcoming film The Great Gatsby is sure to sway the tastes of vintage fashionistas.

While Mad Men was quick to enchant us with the clean lines of the 50s, The Great Gatsby’s throwback to 20’s fashion will bring a whole new line of items we will all be eager to grab – and the style will be especially beneficial to men. A few of the top items we are likely to become top fashion trends include:


Whether it be the Panama, the Golf Cap, or the Boater, hats are definitely in when it comes to mimicking 20’s fashion. If you are looking to dress up, choose a fedora or panama, and choose a golf cap or boater for more relaxed occasions.

Seasong of The Great Gatsby

Dress Shirts

In the 20’s, men were predominately wearing long sleeve cotton shirt that came in softer colors. Those that can be found at Vinyard Vines usually provide the color palate necessary to mimic the style. And because the era also allowed for shirts with detachable collars and cuffs, keep on the look out for those too.


Braces are essentially suspenders but in a more classy fashion. Suspenders have clasps while braces add a little more to an outfit due to their buttons. For a nice throw back, wear braces with that nice cotton dress shirt.


Sneakers are a big “no no” for this fashion style. Instead of going for those comfy Chucks consider choosing saddle shoes, loafers, or oxfords. Generally, dress shoes with laces fit the era more, and provide a comfy yet stylish footwear solution.

Facial Hair

Facial hair has been in awhile now for men, but unless you are a hipster, having an epic moustache or beard isn’t for everyone. However, 1920’s style requires men to have a more well-groomed look – often including smaller, well trimmed moustache, short side burns, and well combed hair.

While the style of Mad Men is definitely sheik and classy, there is something very fun and frisky about the style of the 20’s that everyone will be sure to enjoy. So if you are looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe, give the 20’s of the Great Gatsby a try.


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