Swimwear isn’t just a piece of clothing that you have to wear at the beach, but it is a fashion statement that allows you to express your personality. Just as in case of any other piece of clothing, in this case, the trends change from one season to the other, and you have to make sure to keep up with them.

Swimwear Trend For 2012Prints

Most probably you won’t see too many solids this season. The hottest prints are considered to be the wild, floral and tribal prints. Also keep an eye out for the geometrical prints.

When thinking of swimsuits of this kind consider python, stripes, leopard, kaleidoscopic and zigzag prints that work for the majority of the women.

One shoulder

If you are into fashion for sure you know that the one-shoulder dresses are really hot this season and so it is no wonder that a lot of different designers have come up with swimsuits of this kind for summer.

You can find some designer swimsuits, but if those are too expensive for your budget for sure you will find some cheaper alternatives.

Cut out

Summer is the time to show some skin, right? This is why the cut out bathing suits have come back in force. Naturally these are the swimsuits for the women with great bodies. If you think you have a few pounds to hide it is better to opt for another style that is more suitable for your silhouette.


Seeing sequins on dresses isn’t something new anymore, but it looks like these details have also made it to the swimsuits. We will be able to see them all over the place in every shape and color, and they could also be accompanied by crystals, beading or embroidery.


The monotone bathing suits have always been the favorite of women and this season the most popular colors seem to be black, white, orange and the pastel hues. To make sure that you won’t look boring on the beach, keep an eye out for the items that come with some eye catching details.

Swimwear Trend for Summer 2012Retro

It looks like retro is the new trendy. Although men may not be thrilled about this, there are a lot of women who prefer the bikinis inspired by the past.

In case you have some problem areas you could go for the one-piece swimsuits, but in any other case the two piece suits are just perfect for you.


The ruffles have been all over the runways and so it is no wonder that they also appeared on the swimsuits.

The good thing about them is that they look sweet, cute and innocent. Another advantage is that they make women look slimmer, especially when it comes to the hips.


In case you feel like you have small breasts, this is the swimwear to be looking for. Nonetheless, the women with larger breasts may want to avoid the style because the suits don’t really offer support so you may want to think twice.

(photos credit: www.harpersbazaar.com)


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