The spring break defines the college life and many are using it to get away from it all. Nonetheless in order to be able to make the best of it men have to make sure that they have the right style. This is the best time to get rid of the old style and to go for a more polished one.

Spring Break Fashion For Boys

Solid T-shirts

You may think that this is too simple, but nothing beats the solid colors when it comes to T-shirts. This is the best way to achieve a classic style. There are different colors available, but still it may be best to go for white. This way you can make a refined and bold impression on the people around you.

Polo shirt

The truth is that girls like guys with a sense of style and a commitment for high quality. This is why you may want to avoid the raggedy T’s and go for a more appealing polo shirt. This way you can show people that you have capability and confidence. One of the options that you have in this case is the polo shirt offered by Lacoste.

Chino shorts

Although the cargo shorts are very popular this spring, if you don’t want the same look that everybody else has, go for the chino shorts. These offer a sophisticated and neat look. The best thing about these shorts is that you could wear them anywhere: to a bar at night or to a more formal first date.

Swim trunks

Some of the most important items of the season are the swim trunks. It is best to go for a drawstring waist because the elastic could make you look like you have a belly, even if you don’t. Also try to avoid the busy prints since they aren’t really fashionable. Instead go for the monochromatic versions that are more appealing.

Canvas slip-ons

Although the sneakers seem to be a great choice, you should also have something practical at hand. The best thing is that they are fashionable and they offer you a relaxed and urban style. When it comes to the color, choose the simple ones. This way you can achieve the casual style that you are looking for.

As you can see there are a lot of great choices for this year’s summer break to make you look your best.


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