We have to admit that one of the most creative collections that we have seen in a long time now is the one of Maison Michel.

The designer managed to take us back in the school years, but not the way you may think at first. Actually there is a vintage vibe to the entire collection, reminding people of their past.

1. Shy look

Shy Look

In this case, the designer chose to add labels to the outfits based on their main characteristic. The outfit of the shy girl presents a more conformist look with long black stockings, mini skirt, white shirt and a black west.

Of course the hat couldn’t miss either. This is the look for you if you want something on the borderline of hardly noticeable and hard to miss.

2. Poser

School Inspired Looks - Poser

Being an ‘It’ girl is more than achievable for all girls if they follow the trend of this outfit. Just as in the majority of the cases, the outfit comes with oxfords and the long stockings come in a gray hue.

The mini skirt and the vest are made of the same material and they are accompanied by a white shirt. Regarding this outfit, we can observe a stylish little hat and the accessories are also important, especially the red shoulder bag.

3. Bad education

In every school, there are a few girls who are fighting with the system and if you are one of them you will simply love this outfit. This time the designer opted for pink socks and a mini skirt with a red base.

To make the look complete, there is leather jacket added to the black blouse. To achieve a shocking effect there is also a black hat with veil, like the ones worn during the 1930s.

School Inspired Looks by Maison Michel

4. Ambitious

For the girls who would like to show their best side when it comes to education, there is the option of miniskirts and long stockings. Surprisingly in this case the skirt comes with high waist and the vest has been switched with a jacket. Naturally the white shirt and the hat cannot miss.

5. Vogue

School Inspired Looks - Vogue

To achieve a voguish style, make sure that you take a look at a long stocking in a navy hue and the matching navy dress.All this requires a shirt that also comes in blue shades and everything is topped off with a barrette.

(photos credit : www.fashion-style.becomegorgeous.com)


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