Piaget Rose chose Bar Rafaeli to become the face of their latest collection. This includes exquisite, refined and rare pieces of bracelets, cuffs, earrings, necklaces and rings. Naturally all of the items have the signature floral symbols. The best thing about these pieces is that they are of high quality.

New face and new attitude

Piaget Rose 2012 Collection

Is there any other person that would have been more suitable to present the collection than the Israeli model, Bar Rafaeli? No, not really and we have to admit that those floral symbols are more than suitable for her feminine side.

The spirit of the collection is defined by creativity, attention to details, technical mastery and luxury. All the pieces of this collection are elegant and innovative and they perfectly represent the special style of the brand.

Roses as signature

Piaget Rose 2012 Collection

Yves Piaget said that he always loved roses and the work of breeders always fascinated him. One of the most emotional moments of his life was when the rose peony got the name of Yves Piaget rose.

This is why it is no wonder that each piece of the collection is based on the symbol of roses. Of course their natural beauty is enhanced by the brilliance of sparkling diamonds.

The signature rose populates the entire collection in a cascade of sparkling stones and fascinating designs of precious metal that will for sure capture the attention of Hollywood celebrities.

Same motif, different approach

Piaget Rose 2012 Collection

Although you might think that people are bored with the same rose over and over again, the brand manages to bring it to new life every season. There are always unique and new versions of it. One of the stars of this season is the Limelight Garden Party ring. This ring is made of white gold with 158 diamonds and a large pink sapphire in the middle.

Of course there are also some remarkable necklaces in the collection. The watches and bracelets cannot miss either. If you take a look at the items of this collection you will see that they indeed make it easy for women to show their feminine side.

Women were always associated with flowers and jewelry and the brand manages to blend these two into designs to create history.

It comes as no surprise that the collection comes with a considerable price. Still, investing in a Piaget piece of jewelry may be a perfect choice especially if you are fan of high class accessories that can make you stand out from the crowd.


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