It is a known fact that Richard Nicoll isn’t new in the world of bridal fashion. He created some dresses for his friends, but it looks like now he is ready to make things official. He decided to create a bridal line for Topshop. According to official information the new dresses will become available starting with June.

This is good news for the future brides who are planning on getting married in the summer and who didn’t buy their wedding dresses yet. These dresses will have the signature shapes and the feminine fabrics that the designer usually uses.

New Bridal Line

Sadly there are no photos released yet of the newest designs, but according to the past experience with the designer we can be sure that the dresses will be of high quality. As it has been mentioned before only little information was released about these dresses but we do know that the dresses will be made of sheer materials and they will have casual cuts.

Naturally we can’t expect the gowns to be cheap, most probably they will be more affordable than the other bridal gown brands like Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera. The high-end clothes of Topshop often run in the range of several hundred dollars.

It is very likely that the collaboration will turn out to be successful. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the company decided to have bridal gowns in all of their collections?

If we take a look at the previous collections of the designer we can see that in his latest collection he had organza outfits that came with floral details. Naturally they also had modern cuts and it is believed that the line for Topshop will have about the same style and look, following the trend.

Nicoll created his own brand, but before he worked with Marc Jacobs on the collection created for Louis Vuitton. The prices of his signature dresses are quite high, but most probably the dresses from Topshop will be more affordable. This is because the regular dresses of the brand aren’t that expensive.

Although the collaboration is considered to be good news, we have to ask one thing: would women be willing to get married in a dress offered by Topshop? If your answer is yes, you should make sure that you see the collection as soon as it comes out to know that you could choose from if you are planning on getting married.


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