There are some people who think that there is nothing common between men and fashion and that it is all right for them to wear the same suit with the same style every year. Well, guess what – there is fabulous fashion for men as well, and make sure that you try all the daring styles of the season.

Bold colors

About a year ago, we may have seen a trend that took all the traditional colors and gave them a spin. This year things are even crazier, and the colors that have only been used as accents have become the main attraction of the collections, such as green, orange and mustard.

Men Trends for Summer(photo credit:

Suit up

Although you may think that every suit is about the same, you should know that the latest suits are looser, cleaner and in the same time boxier than the ones that have been introduced before. There is no trace of the old designs that we saw during the lasts seasons. This way, men can really feel manly in their suit.

Double breasted blazer

You may think that there is nothing new that the double-breasted blazer could offer you, but keep in mind that the blazer hitting the runways is an improved version of the ones that we already got used to. In the same time, the designers have been playing around a bit with the proportions as well.


We have all seen the white coats, jeans and shirts, but this time there is a different kind of white used, dirty white or off white. This way, men won’t look too ‘good’, because there is something special about this color, which is neat but casual in the same time.

No more skinny?

During the recent seasons, the majority of the trousers were skinny. They have become narrower every season until they reached the point where they couldn’t continue the trend anymore so the designers opted for going back to the wider shaped pants. This is the case of both the suit pants and the separates.

Mix it up

There is a major trend this season of combining low and high. This time the designers have been mixing formal with informal. This is why it is possible for us to see eclectic pieces and luxury fabrics in the same outfit. Due to this trend men could end up looking like they don’t care, but the whole world knows they do.

Go with the flow

This is an expression that rarely is used in case of men’s fashion, but it may be the best in this case. This is because there are a lot of different designer brands that opted for the wide and long pieces of clothing that are literally flowing around men. We have to admit that it is an interesting concept, but there are a lot of people who don’t really see what’s manly about a trend like this.

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It looks like men will have to make some changes in their wardrobes in the following period.


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