Maxi dresses have been around for a while and they show no signs of going away. If you didn’t adopt the trend until now, maybe this is a good time to do so and find some dresses that are suitable for your body shape and personality.

Tall women

Tall women who would like to look a bit shorter should go for the dresses that come with two colors that are separated by a horizontal line. The look can be further enhanced with the help of flats, a short blazer and a bolero.

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Petite women

If you would like to look taller than you really are, maybe you should opt for a floor length dress. The best ones are those with a V-neck. Also don’t forget to wear heels to make your figure look taller. When it comes to style, try to stay away from frills and prints because they tend to make women look shorter.

Slim girls

If this is your body type, you are a lucky girl because you can rock one of the trendiest styles: the pleated dresses. However, keep in mind that the women with a few extra pounds should avoid dresses of this kind. These women should also give up the clinging dresses because these make them look larger than in reality and they draw the attention to the body parts that they would like to hide.

When talking about women with a few extra pounds we should also think about the dresses in dark colors because these help to hide those body parts that women don’t want to be seen.

Large breasts

Although it is said that all women would like to have large breasts, the women who do have them are seeking to balance their looks. In their case, it is best to look for the dresses that come with a split skirt because these can create harmony in their looks.


In order to emphasize this section of the body that is usually the slimmest, women should be looking for the dresses that come with high waist. These look simply amazing with high heels.

There is no reason to be worried about the maxi dresses. The best thing about them is that they help you achieve many different styles, such as a flirty one, fun, sexy or sophisticated. Whatever you want, you can have it just pick the right dress for your figure.


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