Kate Moss is one of the prettiest models of all times and now she is willing to reveal some of her key items and accessories. She also accentuates the fact that women should always dress according to their mood.

She says that in case women find a look that is advantageous for them, they should stick to it. It is known that she wears jeans and blazer quite often and since this works for her, she isn’t afraid of wearing different cuts.

She likes the skinny jeans, but lately she feels more like the wide legged jeans.

Katemoss(photo by www.fashion-style.becomegorgeous.com)

Another secret of her is that she thinks the pencil skirt is the key element of any wardrobe. This is because it is quite saucy, especially if it comes in black and it works out for just every woman. According to her it is important to dress based on your mood.

For instance, if you have to attend an important dinner, you should plan in advance so that you won’t feel silly in the clothes that you are wearing.

She plans ahead too, so that she won’t have to face a fashion crisis in the last moment. Still she usually follows her mood and puts on whatever feels right at the moment.

Usually the color palette that she uses is made of gray, black or red. This means that if she feels a little down on the given day, chances are that she will go for an all-black outfit.

The model is known for the fact that she can pull off almost anything without any effort, and she says that her secret is her attitude.

Although she doesn’t really think that she has one, a lot of people tell her that she has a signature style. The model thinks that only other people can recognize if someone has a signature look.

Still this doesn’t matter; it is alright to wear the same items every now and then, because attitude is what counts.

When it comes to accessories, she prefers to keep it simple because too much of it can ruin the entire look. The most important accessories that she usually turns to are the scarves, sunglasses and hats.

She doesn’t really have a rule in this matter, but according to her husband she shouldn’t wear sunglasses with hats because she looks like she is hiding or having some kind of disguise.


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