When preparing for the spring break, all the girls are looking for the must-haves of the season. The truth is that there are some items that you may have had with you last year and that you should take this year too, so there is no need to break the bank when preparing for spring break.

Beach dress

Spring Break Fashion

Even if you don’t go exactly to the beach, you should have a lightweight dress that is flirty and fun. The best thing about it is that you could wear it just anywhere: for the walks on the beach, for a lunch in town or for a shopping spree. All you need is a pair of sandals and some accessories and you are good to go.

Two piece

Spring Break Fashion 2012

This is a key element of any spring break. If you want to spend some time at the beach or by the pool, it is a must to have a two-piece. This way you can show off your curves in a sexy and fun way and you can ensure that your tan will be flawless in the end.

Cover ups

Spring Break Fashion 2012

This is the best piece of clothing that you could have if you are shy about being only in your bathing suit or if you would like to warm up a little after hitting the water. The best thing about them is that you could also wear them as a dress and nobody will ever know.

Jeans shorts

Spring Break Fashion 2012

There is a lot you can do with jeans shorts. You can wear them with your bathing suit and in the same time, you could also dress them up with some bold accessories. This is the perfect look for walking-around time during the day and also for nighttime.

Boyfriend’s flannel

Spring Break Fashion 2012

No matter how silly it may sound, there is nothing wrong with looking through the closet of your boyfriend before you start packing. If you find an oversized flannel shirt you should seize the opportunity because it represents a great way to stay warm on the chilly spring nights.

Evening looks

Gray Halter Dress - Spring Break Fashion

Although you may spend all day out, for sure you want to look (and feel) hot during the night. In order to achieve a sexy and flattering look you should consider a halter dress. The best thing about it is that it is comfortable and it allows you to show your tan.

(photos credit: www.seventeen.com)


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