You might have heard about the comment that Karl Lagerfeld made about Adele. He expressed his opinion according to which she is fat and that she would look great if she lost a few pounds. Well, this may be the rudest thing that has ever been said to the brilliant British singer.

We all know that people shouldn’t say things like that because they can never know when things turn around. At this moment, Karl Lagerfeld would like the singer to become the new face of the Chanel brand, looking exactly the way she is now.

New Face of Chanel

He told her that she is a little fat; and now he is trying to persuade Adele to take the job! This may indicate that he is getting old and he is losing his sense of business.

It is a well-known fact that the singer is a huge fan of the brand and she has a really big collection of their bags.

Now that the brand representatives say that they would like to have her as the brand’s new face it is more than an honor for her and she is really happy about it. Karl would like Adele to be the face of the handbags and this is why he said that it would be better if she lost some weight because we all know how particular he is about the brand and the girls associated with it.

He added that he isn’t trying to push the singer, but he would really like to have her on his team. He also said that he leaves the decision to the singer and all there is left for him to do is to wait for the final decision. Karl said that he is excited to have a contract with Adele for the new campaign after the contract with Blake Lively expires.

Karl also added that he will show the world that Adele is a better model than a singer and all the people will see how fascinating she really is.

We also have to add to the story that Lagerfeld apologized for his remark and he tried to make up for his mistake by sending Adele a collection of Chanel bags that are worth a fortune. He also made a public apology saying that he knows how it feels when the media is mean and rude regarding the looks of people. It looks like he’s been there and has done that.


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