Chanel always manages to surprise us with new items and new trends. The face of their spring and summer collection is Eva Evangelista and the eyewears include sunglasses and regular eyewear.

New face, new colors

2012 Summer Glasses by Chanel

On the promotional photos Eva Evangelista can be seen in a Chanel dress with white and black checkers. She also has an updo to make the best of the acetate sunglasses that come with calfskin leather and a yellow color. The sunglasses are also available in some other colors such as blue, black, red, brown and mint green and white.

As you can see this collection comes with some really bright and special colors. Of course the more conformist women can also find some items that they like of classic colors. The glasses have simple but bold designs and they have a hint of sophistication.

Eclectic designs

Naturally it’s not only the acetate sunglasses that we can find in the collection. There are also the oversized square sunglasses that come with special colors. The most interesting thing is that the collection has items which come with two colors.

2012 Summer Glasses by Chanel

Classic and trendy mixture

Of course the aviator sunglasses and the voile sunglasses couldn’t miss either. These come with black or brown lenses. You can find the CC logo on the sides of the glasses so you can pride yourself with the brand signature. Some of the sunglasses have a really special design with lacquered mosaic, leather details or tweed effect.

This optical collection comes with round acetate, acetate and rectangular sunglasses. Besides the yellow frame ones, Eva Evangelista also shows a blue frame you can wear for a bold and sophisticated look.

Cosmopolite touch

The best thing about this collection is that each pair of sunglasses comes with different shapes and sizes. They also have different designs, such as contrasting temple tips that add a bit of fun to any outfit.


The advantage of the new collection is that every woman can find one they like. Some of the glasses have a retro vibe while others are modern and sophisticated while a few items have been inspired by the 1960s pop art movement.

Although you may have never thought that at some point you will consider getting colorful sunglasses, now is your chance to make a change. These add optimism to your look and show the world that you aren’t afraid of being different from the rest of the people. All it takes to pull the style off is to have some self-confidence. For sure there will be people turning their heads after you.


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