Let’s face it: jeans are one of the most important items of the women’s wardrobe. It can be worn by all age groups. Just as in any other year, in this year as well there are some trends, such as the current trend influenced by the 70’s.

Wide leg jeans

This is one of the major trends of the year. This is a kind of jeans that can be worn to informal and casual events, such as shopping, going on walks or hanging out with friends. The good side of these jeans is that they are trendy and casual to wear, suitable for the majority of women.

2012 Jeans

Skinny jeans

Just as the name suggests, the main point of these jeans is that they are tight to the skin. These jeans are suitable for the tight figured body shapes. The best thing about these jeans is that they are gorgeous and sexy and really voguish this year. Such jeans can be seen in the collections of Diesel and Michael Bastian.

Bell bottom jeans

The main characteristic of these jeans is that they are tight at the knees and wide at the feet. The interesting fact about these jeans is that they can be worn by both men and women. If you choose the right tops, you can achieve an amazing look. They are attractive and nice for informal occasions and parties, so make sure to give them a shot.


Although the dark blue jeans are considered the classics, this year there are many different colors to choose from. Dark blue is really trendy but you also have to consider the black jeans, not to mention the bleached ones. If you would like to have even more color in your wardrobe, consider grey, burgundy, brown and beige as well.

Jeans jackets

The jackets are just as important as the pants especially when it comes to jeans. Usually, these are worn by younger people, but we could say that they are ageless.

Banana jeans

These are the jeans that are wide at top and they become more and narrower towards the bottom. Although this is a major trend this year, it is important to remember that only few women who have the right body shape can pull the trend off. This is because it could make your buttocks look large.


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