Vintage dresses are so popular due to the fact that they represent the glamour of past generations and previous fashion trends. However, not everyone can fully appreciate the beauty of an authentic vintage dress.

The popularity of vintage dresses

There are women who only buy them because all their friends like them and they are considered trendy. They are regarded as trophies and are kept in the closet without ever being worn.

Vintage DressesFor true vintage lovers, the main reasons for their popularity are:

  • they are elegant or fun to wear
  • the majority have an intriguing history
  • they are unique
  • you can combine them in many different ways and always be the main attraction

What to look for

When shopping for vintage dresses, it is important to know a few tricks. You should first think if the dress fits and complements you before buying.

It might look perfect on the mannequin or in the picture, but it might be too much for your taste.

If you are certain that you want to buy it, you should verify even the smallest details:

  • if the zipper is in good condition or if it can be changed without affecting the dress
  • if it has all the buttons. It might be difficult if not impossible to find matching buttons
  • if the material is not weakened, pinched, worn or cut
  • if the dress is not hopelessly stained

If you are not sure about some of these details, it is recommended to ask advice from the salesman. However, if the dress has passed the detailed inspection, there is only one thing left before purchasing it. You should consider if you have in your wardrobe pieces that can be worn with the item you will buy.

If not, additional shopping is required. Joe Browns have a collection of vintage dresses; browse their section today.


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