The latest Reiss collection was inspired by the minimalist look of the 90’s. It borrowed the clean lines of Calvin Klein and the vintage cut of the Jean Paul Gaultier. To achieve modern and fresh clothes, the designers played with fabrics, proportions and also layering.

The new lengths create a special softness and a totally new way of dressing, achieving wearable and feminine clothes. It is possible that the clothes are a bit more casual than the previous ones were since the prints take the whole idea one-step further.

Reiss Spring Summer

In the new collection, we can find some knitwear as well that ranges between micro textures and chunky stitches coming in soft neutrals and pastel tones. As you can see, you won’t be able to get rid of the knits, no matter how the season changes.


Reiss Spring Summer Collection

To achieve a coquette chic look, the designers opted for playful textures and structured tailoring. Major news is that the suits are back with geo lace to give the clothing power and newness.

The designers were inspired by the poolside look of the 40s and this is why we can see crop tops, printed shorts, sheer pleats and some cheekiness because of the semi sheer dress.

The glam grunge season is also back, and so it is no wonder that we can see butter soft biker jackets made of leather mixed with printed maxi dresses. This rebellious look has been inspired by the supermodels of the 90s.


Reiss Spring Summer 2012 Collection

The main focus was on the soft neutrals along with pastel hues, such as apricot or mint. There is also some depth added through the use of auburn. Citrus yellow and aquamarine also pop from time to time. Since we are talking about the hot season, it is no wonder that the white items also appeared layered in structured and sheer fabrics. They are also mixed with metallic and soft creams for a modern look.

Overall we can say that the collection is light, fresh, airy, smart and just perfect for the women who would like to look groomed but still have some edge to their look. One of the best things about Reiss is that they can mix casual with smart. This is why they managed to conquer the corporate world.

If you think that the items can be worn only to the office, maybe you should think again.

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