Like it or not, celebrity hairstyles tend to dominate our style choices. Just like their clothing, tattoos and crazy diets we want to see just why they are so great and what they can do for us. Last year was a crazy year for hair with Lady Gaga sporting outlandish styles and Katy Perry scoring major points for fascinating colours, is this year going to be larger than life or tame in comparison?

Celebrity Hairstyles

Well so far, 2012 has shown us quite a stylish celebrity look in terms of hairstyles. Take the Oscars, the vast majority of hair was kept just where it should be with only a few individual styles poking through the crowd. While for many this may seem to be a negative for hairstyles in 2012 it does in fact mean much rejoicing for others. Why? Well the simple reason is we can follow the styles!

While some only needed to grab their ghd flat irons to whip out hair that looks like they’ve spent 6 hours in a salon for the vast majority of us it is something that takes time and effort to perfect. The Oscars are at the beginning of the celebrity fashion war for the year, so be containing their luscious locks at this stage in the competition it gives the rest of us without the styling team a chance to keep in the game.

Of course as with any aspect of beauty, you need two things to look your best – the best tools and a lot of practice. While every brand may claim to be the best when it comes to hair care and styling, only one really stands out above the rest which is why every woman wanting to recreate hairstyles of the celebrities needs to spend time in front of her mirror with her trusted pair of ghd flat irons.

Unfortunately, for your hair, practice really does make perfect which is why it is important to protect it before, during and after a session with your ghd flat irons.


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