Nina Ricci is one of the most well known designers of the world. For the fall collection, she has been inspired by the 1950’s. It is said that the main source of inspiration of the designer was a little girl playing dress-up. Maybe this is why the collection turned out to be this glamorous.

The characteristics of the collection include party dresses, fur collars, long sleeves, and girlish A line silhouettes. Numerous different kinds of fabrics and details were used, like lace, embroidery, tulle, and ruffles. Their main job was to add some playfulness to the collection. Nonetheless, the colors that were used were more than ladylike, consisting of black, blush, garnet, and cream.

Nina Riccis Fabulous Fall 2012

Some of the critics even say that the main point of the collection was to serve cocktailania because of the pleats, lace, bows, lingerie, jewelling, and fur. Nonetheless, you should not think that the collection is all about fanciness rather it also offers women the option to play the items down to make them more wearable.

Traditional items

Nina Riccis Fall 2012 Collection

There are some items we could have gotten used to, such as the pencil skirt, the skirt suit, little black dress, sweater and pump, but they have all been reinvented. The little black dress got a new look with some added chiffon that makes it look like actually it is made of two pieces.

One of the most surprising elements seen was the hot pink coat that was cut a bit oversize for a more dramatic effect. You can be sure that this will become a real trend this year. Actually the item has been inspired by the military parka. The same source has inspired a skinny sweater.

The only difference in this case is that the sweater comes with a beaded neckline. The end product is a military-like sweater that looks like you just added a necklace to it. The collection also comes with three-piece suits made of tee, jacket and skirt. This really looks like it was made of tweed, but in fact it is made of stretchy jersey.

This way you can have the rustic feel of the material, but there is no stiffness to it. This may represent the philosophy of Ricci – let the clothes represent the speed that women are living with. Judging from the items that were presented, the ranks of Nina Ricci will rise in no time.

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