Believe it or not, there is a lot that the nails say about people, and they are the most important in case of women. If you would like to keep up with fashion, the best thing you could do is to take a look at the nails of the models of the spring fashion weeks. There you will find the latest trends.

Long and ladylike

Nail Art Trends of 2012

At Zac Posen’s show, the models didn’t have their nails cut short, but at a more elegant length, filed to a nice shape. In case you would like to achieve the same shape at home, try to follow the line of the cuticle. The advantage of the shape is that it is healthy for the nails, since they are less prone to breaking with this shape.

Racing stripes

Nail Art Trends

At the Ruffian show, the main focus was on the racing stripes and so it is no wonder that the models had manicures with such stripes. The good thing about the style is that it is colorful and also energetic, just perfect for the younger women or for women who feel young inside.

Monotone print

Nail Art Trends of 2012

This style was seen at the Joy Cioci show. The truth is that you can’t really get this style done at home unless you are really talented. The style comes with lattice patterns and it sends a strong message, and when you are thinking about elaborate patterns, you should stick to only one color instead of a rainbow design.

Reverse French

Reverse French Manicures

When looking for something exotic and adventurous, think about the reverse French. This style was seen at the show of Pamela Love. One of the color mixes that you may want to try is cream and plum for a fresh look. Although the style is more difficult to create than the traditional design, for sure you will love it.



This color was the hit of the Karen Walker show. It is a kind of yellow color that is just between shocking and neutral. The advantage is that it is subtle and simple but in touch with the light, it could turn out to be outrageous, in all the good ways.

Two tone

Two Tone Manicures

This style is created through using the Lacy Lilac hue and then topping it off with a kind of plum that is meant to add depth to the look. This was created to make a statement on stage.

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