H&M is one of the most well known brands of the world that has the advantage of being both fashionable and affordable for the majority of the people.

The brand manages to come up with new styles every season and in some way it also manages to surprise people with wearable pieces.

H&M Summer Wear(photo by www.fashion-style.becomegorgeous.com)

This season there are two concepts that characterize the collection: fluid and tailored. The pieces of clothing have been created as a mix between romantic femininity and modern tailoring.

The best thing about the pieces is that they offer numerous options of combining the elements.

One of the most important pieces is the white suit that has a softer look through the jersey west top and the brogues imitating the 50’s.

If this office-like style isn’t really for you, there is a softer kimono-inspired part of the collection that may seem more appealing.

These items of the collection include wrap dresses and draped jackets along with wide leg trousers that seem to be the focus this season. Just as in the previous case, you can match and mix the different pieces to achieve a personal and specific style. Don’t forget about the accessories either. It is a must to have sunglasses and bangles in white.

The people who have already seen the collection say that it is well dressed and it has a grown up mood but it is still wearable and there are many opportunities when it comes to styling.

The new materials got the center of attention because they can bring the old and well-known designs to new life.


It looks like the most important colors of the collection are neutrals and white combined with fruit colored accents, such as orange, yellow or apple green.

Besides these, there are also some soft shades of blue and apricot, just to add more flavor to the collection.


As it has been mentioned before, there are some new kinds of materials used. We can find among the pieces of collection jersey, cotton, leather, silks, linen and organza.


To achieve the perfect tomboy-ish look, the sartorial touches and the tailoring details played a very important look.

Some soft drapes have also been added, along with pleats and wraps that add even more volume, without compromising the shape.

Important garments

As it has been mentioned before, the white suit is very important, but you should also consider the leather sleeveless jackets.


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