Although the present economic situation isn’t really the best we can imagine, still there are some women who would like to be surrounded by luxury and this means that they have to own the must haves of the season – exotic skin bags.

There are some styles that may seem surprising to you, such as alligator skin, python and crocodile. You may think that these are just some handbags, you should rather think of them as timeless investments that will offer longevity to your wardrobe.

Exotic Skin BagsBefore the economic crisis, the $140,000 handbag created by Hermes didn’t seem to be that overpriced. This came with hardware made of gold and diamond.

Such items are usually outside the budget of the majority of people, but there are a lot of women willing to pay $300-$2,000 for one single handbag.

According to the producers, this is caused by the fact that women can appreciate a pretty bag made by professionals that were made using all the exotic skins that they can find.

Because of the financial situations of the clients, the designers are trying to create more affordable handbags without having to give up on design and quality.

Carlos Falchi is known for the handbag designs that he has, especially those made of python and crocodile skin. In his latest collection, he introduced patchwork bags.

Besides these, he also presented bags with trims made of exotic skin and different combinations of skins instead of having the bags made of skin only. This way the end product is a lot less expensive.

Katherine Kwei is also offering about the same look of exotic skins, but instead of these skins she opts for water snake skin which is more inexpensive than the other skin. Sang A is producing bags of a different kind of snakeskin too which cost 70% less than the python skin and basically has a similar look.

There are a lot of designers who still opt for the exotic skins, such as Trussardi, Ellie Saab, Valentino and Fendi. These come in numerous different colors and they are the perfect way to prepare your wardrobe for spring.

If you are preparing for an evening out, consider the bags offered by Lanvin that come in two colors, Loewe’s mini totes or the clutches offered by Chloe. For timeless pieces, consider the designs of Bottega Veneta and Roberto Cavalli that come in neutral colors.

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