Many fashion labels instantly obtain a cult following. But as they force themselves head-on into the mainstream, sometimes this can be lost. As popularity increases, the original style that made them can fall away. Luckily that’s not always the case. Here we bring you 3 of our favorite cult clothing labels.

1. Moncler

Cult Clothing LabelsItalian heritage brand Moncler has a vast worldwide following, but really began life as a cult label. While being on the radar of the more commercial minded fashionistas, it still retains much in the way of its cult feel – a difficult task.

The brand was originally created by entrepreneur Rene Raimillon in 1952 initially offering down-filled jackets for winter sports.

The present day brand has retained much of the classic touches, becoming synonymous with quality craftsmanship.

Moncler’s jackets are now instantly recognisable through their often patent-like, luxe exterior.

Where once the garments were crafted for the sporting side of winter, their stunning jackets have transcended to the city street where the brand continues to lead the way in outerwear sophistication and exclusivity.

2. Collective

Becoming a cult label is all about creating a product that people can identify with. However, it can often be easy to become too contrived in this arena, going too far and offering something people will instantly think is uncool.

A recent label to work this line to perfection is Collective. Established in 2009, the cult label has just created a luxury range of T shirts emblazed with stunning photography of some of the world’s most iconic images. The label has become well known following their creative collaboration with Terry O’Neill. The legendary photographer has made a career photographing the biggest icons from both the silver screen and the music world.

The blend of instantly identifiable iconic images and simple organic cotton T shirts makes the range simple, stylish and instantly cool.

One Teaspoon

While Moncler epitomises everything about classic cool, Australian brand One Teaspoon is really doing its bit for contemporary style.

Created in 2000 by Aussie designer Jamie Blakely, the label really rose to prominence on the local hip scene in Sydney. Initially the entire operation was run from the comfort of her bedroom; the meteoric rise has catapulted the label from Sydney to the streets of LA where the city’s It-girls have fallen in love with its style.

While maintaining much in the way of edgy cool, Blakely’s creations are also extremely wearable, like her range of printed kaftans, kimono style cardigans and maxi dresses.


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