There are three concepts that characterize the latest Atelier Swarovski collection: sophistication, complex touches and breathtaking designs. Such amazing jewelry can inspire you when it comes to your outfit.

There are a lot of occasions for which you can wear pieces of this kind, which can make an outfit look stellar, adding sophistication to your look. They can lift up your mood too. It is no wonder that women say that jewelry is their best friend.

Atelier Swarovski  For Summer 2012


For something versatile that works for just any outfit, look for simple designs, but if you are looking for something flashy, opt for something more complex. The collection comes with a lot of different designs for you to choose from.

Atelier Swarovski Jeweller 2012This collection is the result of collaboration between the well-known stylist, Eric Daman and the Swarovski brand. According to the stylist, he has been inspired by the ceramic and mosaic stones of the brand.

They offer a very modern look, ready to take their places on the neck, fingers, or wrists of women.

Since the brand is a kind of pioneer, the stylist really wanted to work with it, and according to him the best thing that he could do was to mix the advantages of modern technology with the styles of the past.

There has been a blend of opals and turquoises with Indian reds and yellows represented by the Aurora Borealis crystals  and according to the stylist the collection looks just like he envisioned it.

The most splendid offers of the collection include rings, bracelets, cuffs, earrings and necklaces that will be just perfect for warm days. Since these items are a result of the blend of new and old, together with the special combinations created by craftsmanship, the collaboration resulted in designs that simply pop.

The source of inspiration for the collection is the culture of the Native Americans and it proves that two totally different concepts can coexist.

Gold and silver have always been considered symbols of status and this is why the collection focuses on these tones in order to offer elegance and refinement to the women who like this style.

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