When summer comes around it’s time to get outside and really enjoy what good weather we do have. If an outdoor event is your favourite place to really show off your style, then this year you’re in luck. Not only will there be the usual array of barbeques, garden parties, and days out with family and friends, we’ll also see two of the biggest events in the last 10 years with London playing host to the Olympic Games and the Diamond Jubilee.

While Olympic tickets are at a premium and the royal event closed off to we the mere mortals (although there will be any number street parties), there’s still our old favourites Wimbledon and the Grand National; or maybe even a day at the races.

What to Wear For RacesHere we’ve got a few tips on picking the perfect outfit for the races. Whether you’re already looking at potential dresses for the races for your annual trip or it’s the first time you’re attending an event like this… here’s all you need to know to get your style spot on.

Think about the meeting

If you’ve never been to the races before, it can be a minefield deciding exactly what you should wear. But don’t panic. The first thing you need to think about is the meeting you’re attending. Some still remain very formal. But these days with the sport open to the masses, many meetings are a lot more casual. What you wear can also depend on the specific enclosure you’ll be spending the day in. Remember, if you’re not sure do your research.


Even if it’s a more casual meeting, you simply can’t go wrong by choosing a stunning dress. Stylish dresses are synonymous with racing action; so there’s always room for dressing to impress.

But what style should you go for? This year it’s all about the florals. While floral numbers always seem to do the rounds in the warmer months, this years’ races will be awash with any number of striking designs. For a sleek and stylish look, opt for a floral print maxi dress.

You’ve probably read about the hype caused by bright and eye-catching prints in the fashion stakes this year. While you’re bound to see any number of these at race meetings throughout the season, it pays to be a little more subtle with this style. By all means, go for a printed dress, but think more chic than overbearing.

Something for the weather

Dressing for the races isn’t just about the perfect dress; you’ll need to think about accessorising too. While you can find the ideal shoes, jewellery, or bag to accompany your dress, you’ll also need to think practically. After all, a summer’s day out in Britain can easily promise much but deliver little in terms of weather. With that in mind, think about teaming your dress with a shrug or bolero to remain stylish whatever the weather.


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