Not so long ago leather has been known as the fabric for the bad girls, but the designers managed to recreate the image of it, and now the entire fashion world knows that leather is also suitable for the elegant looks. Even more, it has become a must have, in case you would like to have an elegant look.

For busty girls

If you belong to this category, you should go for the items that are made of butter soft leather. The disadvantage of the stiff materials is that they cannot accommodate to curves, and this is where soft leather comes in. In case you would still like to have stiff leather, make sure that you go for those that have enough space for you.

One of the most special items that you will find on the market is the one created by Alexander Wang. He managed to turn a motorcycle styled jacket into a poncho style one for the ‘good girls’.

Ways to Wear Leather

Slimmer thighs

When you are on the journey of finding dresses that will make your thighs look slimmer, you should really consider the minimalist leather dresses, such as the one that has been presented by Calvin Klein, with an A line cut. Since the fabric is quite thick, it could make wonders for creating a harmony of your shape.

One important thing you have to remember when rocking all leather outfits is to avoid having zippers, pulls or other details that could make the outfit look out of line. Such accents could bring your problem zones in the center of attention and they might offer you an aura that is not suitable for you.

No tummy

There are a lot of girls who consider their tummy one of their problem zones, and you may be one of them. If this is the case, you have to make sure that you have in your wardrobe items with vertical paneling that will make the tummy look tighter.

In order to achieve this effect keep an eye out for those leather pieces that are cut close to the body. The downside is that such models could be a bit harsh with softer curves. An option that you have to look trendy and in shape is to get leather tops that come with inserts of knitting in the tummy area to take care of your little problem.

For petite girls

Although in a lot of cases leather looks amazing on skinny girls, in case we are talking about petite girls there is a hazard of being lost in the heavy fabric. In order to avoid such situations you should consider the tailored items with wrapping or seams.

One of the hottest dresses out there is the one created by Ralph Lauren, coming with a triangle design that is just perfect for offering the hourglass shape. Another advantage of the dress is that it is able to enhance the curves.

No matter what you think your problem might be, leather is there to fix it.


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