The latest campaign of Stefanel has been created with the help of the Canadian model Daria Werbowy and the photos have been taken by Mario Testino. The main point of the latest collection is to offer a relaxed collection with trendy elements for those savvy girls that are looking to update their wardrobe.

When it comes to this collection, you should have in mind something effortless that is flattering for the sporty silhouettes. The perfect girl for this collection is smart, sophisticated and a total fashionista. The target group of the collection is one looking for high quality items that are affordable.

Stefanel Spring Fashion(photo credit:

Also the perfect Stefanel girl should be able to keep up with the changes of fashion without having to give up her own style. In the end, the company came up with a collection that is causal, laid back       and still manages to keep its femininity.

There are numerous pieces that you can choose from, in case you are an independent and urban girl who is not afraid to make a stand when it comes to fashion. In case you are using these ensembles for sure you will stand out in a crowd.

The label is known for coming up with covetable and contemporary lines. This didn’t change for the following season either, the label pampering its clients with hip items that are still more than comfortable and practical.

The items that you should be looking for the next season include sexy shorts, slouchy sweaters, camel tones, jeans, denim and a multitude of different accessories.

Following its tradition, the label is able to send a message to all the women who wish to become trendsetters to make an investment in the right basics that will become the staples of their wardrobe. The new line is adventurous and dynamic that will take you away in a place where you can be comfortable and trendy in the same time, without having to give up your unique style. It is a good idea to opt for some items that you will be able to use in the following seasons.

The best thing about the items of the label is that they are timeless, meaning that you don’t need to get a new wardrobe every season, because there are some items that you could ‘recycle’ for the next one, saving some money and maintaining the same style for a longer period of time.


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