If you are interested in couture, then there are some names that you know about for sure. The latest trends were presented at the Paris Couture Week, and although the style of some collections was to be expected, there were some collections that were more than surprising.

Paris Couture Week(photo credit: luxpresso.com)


Chanel had a really interesting approach to the theme, and the manufacturer came up with a collection that reminds people of the uniform of stewardesses… with a spin. The design of the collection was a match for the design of the presentation, and it all turned out to be a galactic trip, the dresses having blue shades.

Atelier Versace

There are some things that only a true Italian can deliver, such as dresses all in citrus shades that individually look amazing, but together create a whole. The best thing about the collection is that it is more than wearable and we will see a lot of celebrities on the red carpet wearing the dresses belonging to this collection.


If you think that some of the designers are taking things too far, you haven’t seen the latest Givenchy collection yet. The neo-deco jewels that were presented left people with their jaws dropped. It looks like the collection was inspired by the tribal jewelries.

Christian Dior

It’s not only the future that the designers have to be thinking about, but also the past, and for this reason Dior decided to go back to another era, and bring back everything good that it had to offer. The show was a salon style one and the dresses presented are most suitable for the women with a feminine style.

Roger Vivier

Those women who are really into shoes and who care about always having the latest additions in this field, the shoes of Roger Vivier for sure will catch their eyes. The interesting fact about the shoes is that every single one of them comes with feather details.

Giambattista Valli

The items presented in this collection come with more than just floral patterns. We could say that every dress and the accessory is a flower on its own. Their majority remind people of wisterias and hydrangeas. No wonder, since all the dresses come with ruffles.

Most people have only one question left: who is going to wear dresses of this kind and on what occasion? Do you have any answers?


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