One of the most anticipated events of the fashion world is the New York Fashion Week. Although at the beginning you might be thinking that it is going to last forever, at the end of the week you start wondering how the week could be this short. Nonetheless the fashion week remains in our memories through the new elements that it presented.

New York Fashion Week Wrap Up


This is actually a dark red color, as you may have thought and it seems to be the ‘it’ color of the new season. Naturally this is suitable only for those who like dark colors and who don’t mind other people staring at them.


A lot of women promise themselves that they are going to do some push-ups in the morning, but that never really happens. If you are one of these girls, there is some good news for you. There are many different sleeve options for the next season to hide (or expose) your arms.


It looks like the solids belong to the past and their place has been taken by fun and refreshing patterns. We are not referring to simple plaids and flowers, but items looking like a cable knit sweater or dresses with handprints.


Naturally oxblood hasn’t been the only color presented at the shows. There were so many others… There was a bold red color presented by Calvin Klein and Proenza Schouler surprised us with aqua. There was also dusky rose offered by Nanette Lepore. For sure we will be seeing more of these colors during the following season.


The rainbow has been brought to the stages by Jeremy Scott. Actually he came up with a really colorful onesie for men. No matter how sweet this trend may seem, we can’t really expect to see someone in a onesie like this on the streets.


Although the majority of the collections got popular very fast, there were some that simply shocked people, such as the collection presented by Vera Wang. She came up with orange shorts, sheer smock and micro-skirt belt. Now this is something the fashion world has never seen before.


There is always an abundance of shoes at NYFW, and this year was no different. For instance there have been the beaded booties offered by Oscar de la Renta, but Lela Rose, Louboutin and Chirs Benz also managed to grab the attention of the fashionistas of all over the world.


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