The love of your partner might keep you warm for a while, but then you need something else to do that job, and it is even better if the item in question is a fashion statement. For such purposes it is a must to have at least one coat in your wardrobe.

How to choose the perfect coat?

The truth is that there is no general recipe. The majority of people choose based on their style, size, and naturally, taste. An important aspect to keep in mind is that the small details do matter, and so they should never be overlooked.

Men Coats Trends Winter


In case you would like to become trendy in the classic way, consider getting a chesterfield overcoat, just as the one that has been worn by Johnny Depp in the movie ‘The Tourist’. This is like a long jacket with the front placket covered. Also there is the double breasted version that has been worn by the character Sherlock Holmes.

You also have to consider the color to make sure that you are totally fashionable, and so for the day you should have razor or camel, while for the evening opt for blue, black or grey.

Military style

We aren’t referring to the original military style, but to the coats that come with raglan sleeves and oblique hanging. One of the most memorable coats of this kind that could inspire you is the one worn by Jeff Bridge in the movie ‘True Grit’. There is another similar kind of coat that also is in the spotlight this season, known as the Ulster. This one is known for having vertical armholes and a big belt, and could have seen worn by Robert Downey Jr.


This style originates from the countryside of the Anglo-Saxon region and at the beginning it has been typical for the hunters of the region. This is something that could help you make a fashion statement.

Men Coats Trends Winter


The trench coat also has origins in the military, and it has been made legendary by Corto Maltese of Hugo Pratt. In case you are thinking about getting a coat of this kind, there is one detail that is vital: the length of the trench shouldn’t fall below 20 cm from the knees.

For the more fashion conscious men there is another alternative that adds a spin to the style is to have some fur on the trench. This is the way to achieve the well-known look of Al Pacino.

For young people

In this case the most important thing is that the coats seem to be the combination of two different styles, the sporty style and the woolen fabric. Since it is very trendy to layer the elements, it is no wonder that the most fashionable coats are really voluminous.

There are a lot of different fabrics that you can find in case of the coats, and these include fur and leather. Also you should keep an eye out for the coats with leather or fur inserts.


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