Helena Christensen is known as one of the most famous models of the moment. We will be able to see her work in the latest Triumph Essence campaign. The company managed to come up with amazing designs having precious and graceful details in a color palette that pleases every taste.

Although the model is already 43, she looks as sexy as ever in lingerie. She presents more than sexy poses that flatter her amazing body. When she was asked what luxurious lingerie represents for her she said that it means exceptional and lovely pieces that fit as they should.

Helena ChristiansenAccording to her the main point of luxury is to wear pieces of lingerie on special occasions or simply every day in order to feel good about yourself or to look good for your partner. The pieces presented by the company are couture like and they are able to fulfill women’s every desire.

The designs have a bit of mystery about them spiced with a vintage atmosphere that will make women feel and look amazing. You could become the confident seductionista that you always wanted to become by wearing these items that come with chic details.

The lingerie has been made of high quality fabrics and the color palette is one that leaves no desire unsatisfied, involving red, nudes and black.

The model has been chosen for the campaign last year since it is known that Gianni Versace said about her that she has the perfect body. When she found out that she was chosen for the campaign, she said that it is an honor and responsibility at the same time.

She said about the company that it is one that women can trust to make them feel sexy and she added that she really loves this new collection since the pieces that have been designed are personal and intimate.

You should know that the model worked with the company before. She was only a teenager when she first got in contact with the company and they had several common projects. This is why the model feels like she is a part of the company, since she has been modeling for several collections.

Developing and working with the same company means a lot when people are working in this industry and this is something that the model agrees with. We can expect the campaign to be a blast and to make women want the items.

The question is : Are the supermodels making a comeback?


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