One of the best ways to show off your feminity is to wear a head accessory of some sort. In order to make sure that you don’t look like you have stolen something from grandma’s closet, you should have a look at the hottest trends of the season.

Hair Fashion Spring Accessories

1. Alice bands

These are the old school headbands that are made of plastic and have the shape of a horseshoe. They got their name after the movie Alice in Wonderland, and it looks like they are back once again. These, along with the simple elastic headbands look wonderful with the hairstyles inspired by the 60’s. The advantage is that they come in every color possible and they are inexpensive.

2. Head scarves

This is a versatile hair accessory that you can wear during the entire year. In the summertime it is great to protect your head and hair against the sun. It can also be used to hide if you have a bad hair day or in case your hair is thinning. Another good thing about it is that it comes in every color you can think of.

3. Flowers

During this year the floral hair accessories will be more popular than ever. You don’t necessarily have to think about the real flowers, but also the floral clips, barrettes, combs and other accessories. There are a lot of different materials used in this case, including chiffon and crystal.

4. Crystals

If you would like to make your look more sparkly, then you should get crystals with adhesive and simply place them on your hair. You could also flatiron the jewelry into place. There are a lot of celebrities who have been spotted with such accessories, such as Beyonce.

5. Ponytail holders

The pins holding the ponytails are still trendy this year. The most popular ones come with Swarovski crystals in the shape of birds, insects or butterflies. You could have your hair loose, with a pin on the side, or you could use it to gather your hair when you are wearing a ponytail.

6. Fascinators

In the majority of the cases these are Alice bands that come with a larger feature on the side. The best thing about them is that they are easy to wear and you could be inspired by the looks of the catwalks. Even a little black dress could be turned into something fabulous with the help of these items.


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