In case you are looking for a spin for your spring and winter wardrobe, then you may have found the collections that offer you everything you need. The majority of these have been inspired by the 1920’s. One of these collections has been presented by Ralph Lauren.

Glamorous 1920s Spring Fashion(photo credit:


Just as it was to be expected he opted for the muted soft colors in light hues. Naturally the silky fabrics and the feathers couldn’t miss either. The thing that caught the attention of people regarding this collection is that it really looks like it is preparing for spring, while in other cases the spring collections looked more like the fall collections.


As the models started walking down the catwalk it has become obvious that this time the designer really tried to bring the style to new life. This means that he offered numerous different kinds of straight shift dresses and there was no sign of the voluptuous figures.

In order to achieve the best effect, some of the models went one step further and they were biding their breasts to achieve an even more boyish figure that has been trendy back in the 1920’s. Also this way the dresses fitted them better.

Nonetheless you shouldn’t think that the items that have been presented were all boyish. The style has been balanced out by the feminine frou-frou. There were the silk fabrics, skirts with fringes and details made of beads.


The shoes also added a feminine touch to the look of the dresses. These were really sexy, having curved heels and so the models didn’t look boyish at all. During that era it has been common for the dresses to have a dropped waist and women who were looking for elegance always had a cloche hat. These features of the dresses have also been brought back to life by the designer.


Regarding the theme you should know that the most popular theme turned out to be the floral one. This is really common in case of the spring and summer collections, and so this collection was no exception.

In the majority of the cases the base color is a pastel one and they look rather tinted than colorful. This way the dresses become truly delicate and feminine.

In case this is the style that you have been looking for, it is time to renew your wardrobe to be suitable for the next season.


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