Who would have ever thought that Amy Winehouse would become an iconic part of a fashion show? Jean Paul Gaultier has always considered the singer his muse, and so it is just natural that he paid homage to her at the Paris Fashion Week when he presented his latest collection. As it was to be expected, the show has been quite controversial, even more, the father of the late celebrity got pretty angry considering the event disrespectful.

The models of the designer have been appearing on the catwalk with the signature beehive hairstyle of the singer and eyeliner that has been inspired by the 60s. They had cigarettes in their hands and they have been all rocking the colorful classic look of the 1960’s. The clothing included fitted pencil dresses, silk nighties, tight bustiers and naturally, pointy, exposed bras.

Amy Winehouse Tribute

According to Gaultier Amy was a true style icon and he said that his show was a tribute to her. She was known for her unique style that she showed both in her style of dressing and her music. There have been a lot of different influences mixed to achieve such a unique style. Her entire style has been influenced by her ability to mix the looks.

In the end there has been a model presented looking like the clone of Amy Winehouse and she was wearing a pink wedding dress and a veil, while all the other models have been wearing black lace veils. The designer said that it wasn’t meant to be a funeral, and the brides are happy ones.

Although the show was truly unique, not everybody was happy with it. The father of the singer said that the show didn’t present his daughter in the right light. Nonetheless we have to add that the singer passed away last year because of a drug overdose.

The father said that he is proud of the influence that he daughter had on fashion, but the black veil, the cigarettes and the quartet singing her songs were a bit off. According to him the show presented the bad side of Amy when she was at a low point and it upset the family of the celebrity. He even added that the designer shouldn’t have included his daughter in the show at all.

As we can see, although the show was a success, there have been some people who didn’t appreciate it at all. Of course, a show can never please everybody.


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