Alexander Wang seems to be rising just like a star in the world of fashion and it looks like his fans can’t get enough of him. The good news is that in case you are a fan too, there will be a lot of items to choose from regarding the next fall/winter collection.

The latest show was a bit different from all the others. Naturally the first rows were filled by editors and celebrities, but this isn’t something new. The style of the designer is known for being suitable for the younger women who are looking to have a sexy style.

Alexander Wang Collection

Nonetheless in case of the latest collection there was some stiffness and rigidity.

The main focus has been on the outerwear. At the beginning the coats that have been presented were all lacquered and they included a biker jacket, raincoat and a pseudo-trench. They looked slick and wet, and regarding their design, there was a boxy cut to them.

The outerwear was ruling the entire collection, and you may have seen the puffy coat along with the matching vest. These have been commercial but nondescript. There was also a leather toggle coat that for sure will become very popular among the fashionistas of the world.

When it comes to the colors, the trendiest ones have been presented, including white, black, burgundy and also navy. The collection was more relaxed than we would have expected, and there were some leisure pants with netted turtlenecks. The interesting thing about these is that they have been covering the neck and the face of the models just like the masks in hospitals.

If you take a look at the collection you will see that one of the most important items of them all is the leather dress. Naturally we also have to take into consideration the accessories that turned out to be quite important too. Regarding the shoes, there have been some knee-length, high heeled motorcycle boots and some duffles that reminded people of their doctors’.

In case you think that this is already too much, then you should have seen the shirts that had a hanging thread, wrapped around the waist, which created a pretty feminine look.

As you can see, there is a change in the traditional style of Alexander Wang, and we shall see whether this one has more success than the one we got used to up to now.


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